Letters to the Editor

Click: Network needs wireless update

We are so fortunate to have such a huge physical infrastructure in place, and now we are the envy of Seattle, which is looking at $650 million to have what we have.

Public/private partnerships and leases do have limitations. One need only point to the privatization of corrections systems to see how fast accountability is lost, and communities suffer. The more critical a system those partnerships are built for, the more costly they become over time than if they were publicly held.

How does Click make more money? It needs to invest in building out the network with wireless technologies, bypassing thousands if not millions in infrastructure costs and speeding up profit return on network expansions. These aren’t unreachable goals with the people skills, equipment and resources this public utility has at its disposal.

Seattle’s former chief technology officer implied that where Click went wrong was not keeping the network up to date. We have to keep up the investment and growth. Like any business, if we aren’t growing, we’re failing.

Anyone in technology and in business should know that, and I would suggest the next step is to adopt an attitude of a business committed to success, not surrender.