Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Ban on plastic bags isn't needed

Re: “Tacoma might restrict plastic shopping bags” (TNT, 12-15).

On occasion one will find a plastic grocery bag in the street. Plastic bags are not a litter problem. Walk through any neighborhood, and the litter problem is single-use aluminum and plastic beverage containers.

Why is there no outcry for banning them? Ten states have deposit and recycling programs for beverage containers. Tacoma already has a recycling program for plastic bags.

Many people use plastic bags for secondary purposes, such as kitchen garbage bags. If plastic bags are banned, it will force many people to buy more plastic bags for those purposes, which is self-defeating.

There are many who might alter their buying habits if they live near the boundaries of Tacoma. Tacoma has the potential to lose a lot of sales tax revenue when shoppers decide to shop in Lakewood, University Place and unincorporated Pierce County.

Before voting, City Council members should get out into the neighborhoods, take a walk and see for themselves whether or not plastic grocery bags are a problem. Also, reusable bags have been shown not to be the most sanitary for perishable groceries, and they have their own negative carbon footprint.