Letters to the Editor

Parks: Strengthen Tacoma's sports alliance

Recently, I met with Tacoma Metro Parks Commissioner-elect Jessie Baines to learn more about the political processes and how to effectively influence policy as I prepare for life as social worker in the South Sound. One of our topics of discussion was the Northwest Youth Sports Alliance program in Tacoma and how it has continued to diminish over the years.

Baines informs me that he participated in this program as a child, and I participated in similar sports programs growing up in Southern California. It pains me to learn that the program is in great jeopardy, as funding continues to be an issue and volunteers are hard to recruit.

A reason the program is suffering may be that parents and coaches are now expected to provide sports equipment and compensation to keep the sports teams operating. Donations, grants and city funding would greatly improve this program and benefit our children moving forward.

Don’t let this opportunity pass us by. More funding and volunteers are needed so that our children can enjoy team sports as much as we did in our youth.