Letters to the Editor

Dentistry: Change can improve dental care

In January, legislators will consider updating the state’s dental practice act to ensure that dentists like me are free to choose how we manage business services.

Dentists deserve the right to practice in a way that they feel enables them to deliver the highest quality care. I have chosen to contract the nonclinical aspects of my practice to a more experienced business vendor. I now have more time for my patients and family and can strictly focus on dental care when I am at work, rather than paperwork and administrative headaches.

The freedom to contract with a business support company makes the most sense for me, and my fellow dentists should have that same choice. It’s critical that the legislature takes action to modernize the law and ensure patients continue to receive the highest quality of care in the practice setting that makes sense for each dentist.

(Bienstock is a Puyallup dentist.)