Letters to the Editor

YMCA: Women and children's rights trampled

The YMCA’s new policy (TNT, 12-16) is unnecessary and literally opens the door to rapists and predators.

There are stand-alone facilities to accommodate transgender and still keep women/children from being exposed and put into hostile environments. Yet the Y plans to spend $1 million to accommodate this policy when that money could be spent on kids programs!

Many members voiced concern over this but the Y has disregarded the majority to coddle the minority.

Why do feelings of inclusion trump the safety of women and children? Why did the YMCA discount members’ concerns to cater to a few? How can it verify the intent of a man using the women’s lockers until a crime is committed? What about my right to privacy and safety?

The Y says it is doing this to be “inclusive” of everyone, but at what cost? It slipped this policy in back in April without telling members. After outcry, it was reversed. Now another sneaky vote without member input/approval.

The Y hides behind claims to be following law, but it is not law. It has lost its integrity, lied to members and are no longer a Christian organization. My family is cancelling our membership.