Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Methanol plant raises many concerns

I am very concerned about increased pollution and the effects on the health of and the financial cost to my family, friends and fellow citizens from the methanol conversion plant proposed in Tacoma.

My concerns In particular are:

▪  The health impact on Tacoma’s air quality caused by the plant’s increased air pollutants.

▪  The cost and supply impact on Tacoma’s water and power infrastructure from the increased demand for water and electricity.

▪  The cost impact on existing treatment facilities for toxic wastewater processing and the toxic waste disposal.

▪  Adding to the incentive for companies to continue to produce/export fossil fuels that are detrimental to our local and global environment.

▪  The overall cost vs. benefit to Tacoma and its citizens.

I am against this project and I look forward to the completion and publication of the environmental impact statement.