Letters to the Editor

Uber: Beware of hidden costs to driving

Re: “Seattle to allow Uber, Lyft drivers to unionize” (TNT, 12-15).

I wish I’d have thought of the idea that led to the “Uber experience.” It seems to be well received by the general public despite the resistance to the concept from various factions.

To satisfy my curiosity with regards to the start-up costs to qualify as a Uber driver, I checked out its website. It’s pretty clear and covers all of the topics related to joining Uber.

However, when the topic turns to insurance, you’re shown a graph that demonstrates the difference between limited driving to more active driving. You’ll notice a minimum liability of $1 million compared to your standard $150,000/300,000 for liability if you drive frequently for Uber.

Before deciding to join Uber, be sure to ask your insurance provider how much extra it will cost you a year to get liability coverage, and don’t forget that you need business coverage as well.

I feel that Uber should be more upfront about the insurance issue than it is. It promotes all of the pluses but glazes over the liabilities.