Letters to the Editor

YMCA: Why special privileges for the few?

Re: “New Washington YMCA nondiscrimination policies spark resignations” (TNT, 12-18).

Why does the YMCA think it needs to accommodate a few people, namely transgenders? What is to stop someone from erroneously claiming that identity and entering the opposite sex’s restrooms or showers?

I am not a Y member, but I don’t blame members for quitting.

Long ago I determined that what was tolerated by one generation is accepted by the next. We have accepted the genocide of unborn children, gay pride parades, rainbow flags on city hall, rainbow crosswalks (Seattle) and gay marriage. Neither I nor anyone I know has any malice towards LGBTQ people. Why do they need to make their sex lives and sexuality public? Heterosexuals don’t.

Those in the workplace better not let the thought police hear them say anything that even resembles an opinion. Can’t have those in public anymore! It’s good to be retired; I can say whatever I want, and I do.

I am exasperated by continually being forced to accept the rights of special groups. I am very concerned that this country will have no moral structure in the future.