Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Click providing excellent service

Re: “Pull the plug on Click network” (letter, 12-18).

To pull the plug on Click would be silly because of the outstanding service now. To go all in means that Click will provide more options.

As mentioned at the last Tacoma City Council meeting, some Tacoma Public Utility customers had no idea Click existed. That should change with the all-in concept.

If people believed that Click was doomed to fail, I would say that management lost the will to continue Click’s growth. With the all-in concept, the doomed-to-fail option no longer exists.

The $5.5-$7 million loss has not been confirmed. Nobody knows what, if any, losses are happening.

I have been a Click customer since its creation. The construction side, the installers and the help desk people are very professional and very knowledgeable in their craft. I would urge people to switch to Click when it becomes available to them.

The City Council may be TPU management’s boss, but it will not be operating Click. The job of operating Click will be the responsibility of TPU management.