Letters to the Editor

YMCA: Organization needs new leadership

Re: “New Washington YMCA nondiscrimination policies spark resignations” (TNT, 12-18).

Suspending our family membership at the YMCA does not mean we are quitting; we’re just refusing to support the YMCA’s invasion of personal privacy in showers, bathrooms and locker rooms.

A radical agenda of the continuing sexual revolution has taken over the YMCA, and we intend to offer opposition until new leadership and a transparent board of directors have been installed.

The YMCA has been anything but “above board,” as YMCA spokeswoman Michelle LaRue said. To correct statements like this would take a book, beginning in April when the YMCA launched a stealth policy to open showers, bathrooms and locker rooms to the opposite sex with no questions asked about gender identity and no notification to the membership, the majority of employees or the board.

Partially reversing the policy under pressure in October, the YMCA insensitively consigned transgender members to the few special-needs shower and bathroom facilities even while admitting that many preferred this private option anyway.

With the current re-reversal of the policy, the discomfited larger membership is heavy-handedly directed to the private facilities. The absurdity continues.

Now where are the transgender members who prefer privacy supposed to go? And the disabled?