Letters to the Editor

YMCA: Rescind transgender policy

I applaud the YMCA for holistic service in our communities. However, the YMCA should reject the Human Rights Commission’s interpretation of state law.

It’s not discrimination when males are required to use locker rooms for males and females for females. Rather, it’s decency. Males and females should disrobe and shower separately or privately. A sense of common decency has protected our society, especially women and children, for centuries.

The YMCA is making false assurances. In a meeting with clergy, senior YMCA officials promised that no “inappropriate exposure” will occur. However, by definition, males and females disrobing together in public is “inappropriate exposure.” The policy ensures inappropriate exposure will occur.

The YMCA is exposing its members to sexual predators, which does not mean that transgendered people are predators. Rather, some of those thrilled by exposing themselves and watching others will take advantage of this policy. Background checks and conversations cannot prevent it. Noting that such behavior was not a problem in the past proves the point; posers did not have access.

The YMCA should restore decency and work with legislators to change the Human Rights Commission’s interpretation of state law.