Letters to the Editor

KPLU: PLU president's remarks disappointing

Re: Pacific Lutheran University President Thomas Krise’s comments on the sale of KPLU (TNT, 12-22).

I was very disappointed to see his words reveal him as a disingenuous administrator interested primarily in the comments and reactions of large donors and dismissing comments by the rest of the public as “noise.”

Krise says that the sale of KPLU should not have been a surprise: “If you were paying attention, you’ll know we’ve been talking about this for decades.”

The staff of KPLU has certainly been paying attention and the advisory council has been paying attention, yet they were blindsided by the sale announcement.

Krise also says that in KPLU “we have an asset that is costing us money,” yet KPLU has always been presented as a self-sustaining, public service of the university. I wish the reporter had asked how the station is costing the university money.

Krise implies that only the opinions of large donors are important to him. “(Also,) you’ve had a lot of noise from people who are not supporters.” That does not show much interest in the public or public service.

I predict much more noise in the new year.