Letters to the Editor

Trump: Don't buy what he's trying to sell

People will say they think Donald Trump is the most outspoken candidate, on point every time he speaks, but when they get into the privacy of voting, they will not give it to him.

It’s like trolls on the Internet, who will say outrageous things to you behind their hidden veils, such low insults they would never try to your face, yet still feel emboldened on the Internet. Anyone who has gone public with commentary knows exactly what I am referring to on this.

Awful stuff abounds. Trump has blurred the line between talking trash as a troll and being held accountable for his public vulgarities and personal insults. He has, for so many common folks, debased our society and we know it. Our people have more pride than this.

I predict his presidential aspirations and business ventures fall in a very big way. He is in for an epic fall from grace. He is too full of himself to see it coming. In the end he will probably try to sell his demise as something he had planned all along but went public because he was a patriot.

Don’t fall for it. It takes only four letters to spell jerk.