Letters to the Editor

CPark: Don't demolish 1916 schoolhouse

I find it very sad that while the Tacoma School District can undertake massive restoration/modernization projects such as Jason Lee Middle School, Stadium High School and currently Stuart Middle School, Clover Park School District chooses to demolish the structurally sound 1916 Lake City School House on 121st Street Southwest.

It was the first in the area and has stood for 100 years! This is the only original school building that still has its original belfry with working bell, and it should be preserved.

The still solid building envelope could be gutted and updated for reuse and preservation of history.

I could understand if it needed massive masonry repair, but I’ve inspected it myself and all joints are tight with no loose or missing mortar or brickwork to be found.

Compared to the previously mentioned schools, this would be a very easy restoration. If only Clover Park would reconsider. It’s not too late to save this valuable piece of history.