Letters to the Editor

KPLU: Community outraged by clumsy scheme

With no warning to KPLU, the KPLU Advisory Council or the 438,000 daily listeners - the 12th largest public radio listenership in the entire U.S. - Pacific Lutheran University President Thomas Krise schemed in secret to sell the station to the University of Washington.

His rationale, now utterly discredited, has been exposed as largely fabricated and based on false or distorted information. His action and subsequent treatment of the chorus of opposition created a firestorm of protest, which he claims (TNT, 12-22) was based merely on emotion and not facts and consisted of a small handful of people cutting and pasting letters.

Stephan Tan, attorney and president of the KPLU Advisory Council, sent a point-by-point refutation of Krise’s entire rationale after a unanimous vote of the council in opposition to the sale.

Krise has referred to KPLU as a declining asset, a failing radio station, and likened it to a failing ranch. Listenership is up from 330,000 daily listeners to 438,000; its last fund drive was completed in three days (shortest in history) and raised $50,000 more than the goal.

The entire KPLU community has been offended and outraged by his maladroit effort to sell our beloved resource. PLU and Tacoma deserve better.