Letters to the Editor

YMCA: Pride in Y for nondiscrimination policy

My family and I are proud members of the YMCA. We love the way the Y serves our community in body, mind and spirit.

I’m even more proud to be a member of the Y after their release of a nondiscrimination policy that allows all members to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

As a Christian, pastor and mother to two small children, I believe we’re called to care for and honor all bodies: those we deem beautiful and strong as well as those that we call ugly or weak, those that conform to our expectations of “normal,” as well as those that surprise us.

I also believe we’re called to be particularly concerned about those who are most vulnerable. Transgender people face higher levels of harassment and violence than most people, and intimate spaces like restrooms can be particularly dangerous. I’m proud the Y has implemented a policy that allows transgender people to exercise choice and have full access to safe, comfortable space.

As a Christian, pastor and mother, I'm proud to be a member of the YMCA as it nurtures the health of all the people in our city.