Letters to the Editor

KPLU: PLU president insults the community

Pacific Lutheran University President Thomas Krise’s responses to interview questions regarding the proposed sale of KPLU to the University of Washignton (TNT, 12-22) were disappointing and offensive.

His attitude toward the fans and donors of KPLU was dismissive. He offered no real insight or explanation for why the deal was done quietly and well behind the scenes as opposed to being done in the clear light of day so that supporters of both KPLU and PLU could weigh in on the matter before a deal was struck.

A savvy university president would know this is a big deal that will impact this community and beyond.

Krise’s disdainful remarks included, “If you were paying attention, you’ll know we’ve been talking about this for decades” and “For the people who pay attention to the media landscape, this isn’t news.”

Well, I’ve been a daily listener of KPLU for 31 years and a cover-to-cover reader of the TNT for the same amount of time, and I had no idea this was coming.

If the proposed sale of KPLU and Krise’s handling of the fallout is reflective of his judgment and community understanding, I shudder to think what will become of PLU under his haughty leadership.