Letters to the Editor

YMCA: Thanks for making the right decision

I'm a Christian, a YMCA member and pastor of a church that proclaims that God loves all people, just as we are, created and embodied with wondrous variety.

In this season when we celebrate God coming to be with us, incarnate in human form, I am especially proud and grateful for the YMCA's decision not to discriminate and instead to allow all members to use restrooms that align with their gender identity.

The gospel calls us to care for the vulnerable among us. Transgender people often face harassment and violence, and places like restrooms can be particularly dangerous. The YMCA's policy allows transgender people to do what everyone else does: use the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Two years ago, a friend invited me to try the YMCA; it is no exaggeration to say the acceptance, warmth and encouragement toward greater health I've experienced there has changed my life for the better. I want everyone to have access to the same powerfully positive experience of respect, acceptance and encouragement that I do.

The YMCA's policy is one step closer to all of us living in beloved community.