Letters to the Editor

Guns: Bigotry focus on gun owners misplaced

Re: "Radical groups are right here at home" (Off the wire, 12-24).

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News editorial about white, male gun owners could not be more transparent. It was disgusting. It was hateful. It was anti-First Amendment and anti-2nd Amendment.

It reeked of the elitism so prevalent in the liberal media these days.

The public would be better served if you concentrated on the hate and bigotry being spewed from college campuses and the ignorant, entitlement-expectant socialists as well as on the gun deaths caused by black-on-black drug crime in the decayed, both morally and structurally, inner cities of America.

You might be honest enough to admit that when some of us talk about terrorists, we are speaking of jihadists, both foreign and domestic.

You might be honest enough to mention that Sharia law is 100 percent unconstitutional and that a goodly portion of peaceful Muslims agree with implementing Sharia.

Liberals sure have changed the meaning of the word "hate." Evidently, it means disagreeing with their twisted, socialist view of how things should be.

My feelings on this matter are shared by a heck of a lot more than just three percent of the American people.