Letters to the Editor

KPLU: Disappointed by Krise’s statements

As a member of the KPLU Community Advisory Council, I wish to correct inaccurate statements made by Pacific Lutheran University President Tom Krise in his recent interview (TNT, 12-22).

The council, formed as required by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, provides community input to the KPLU radio station and its sponsoring institution. In the interview, Krise claimed that a “significant number” of council members do not even contribute to KPLU. In fact, we all contribute. However, it should be noted that our role is not financial, but advisory.

PLU did not notify us of plans to sell KPLU before announcing it to the public. We promptly gathered and conveyed community response.

Our thoughtful and accurate letter to PLU should not have been dismissed as “noise.” And PLU should have delivered it immediately to its Board of Regents.

It’s misleading to imply that negative response to the sale has been minimal. KPLU reports receiving, via phone and email, almost 2,000 communications raising concerns about the sale.

I thank both PLU and the University of Washington for their willingness to consider a community license option for the future of KPLU. Surely we can find common ground and work together to explore, and hopefully achieve, this option.