Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Reject water-guzzling methanol plant

In July 2015, Tacoma Public Utilities widely publicized a stern drought warning for Tacoma. TPU urged Tacomans to reduce their time in the shower and all forms of water use. It even produced a legion of plastic signs that were placed strategically throughout the city to convey the urgency of the water shortage.

Meanwhile, the proposed methanol plant in Tacoma threatens to consume 7,200 gallons a minute of Tacoma's limited water supply 365 days a year, and it would increase Tacoma's water usage by an astounding 64 percent overnight!

Had the methanol plant been functioning last July, Tacoma's water shortage would have been far more extensive.

Unless Tacoma wishes to experience California-level water shortages, far higher prices, extreme rationing and water policing, the city should reject the proposed water-guzzling methanol plant.

Also, locating an industrial plant spewing pollution near the heart of the city would harm Tacoma's efforts to reduce air pollution and pose a safety hazard at a time when the former Asarco site is being cleaned up and Tacoma is often designated as a non-attainment area for air quality.

The aroma of Tacoma should be in the city's past, not in its future.