Letters to the Editor

Transit: Gridlock should be higher priority

Solving the gridlock on the Interstate 5 corridor has to be the region’s No. 1 priority, so I am baffled that Sound Transit’s plan for Tacoma (TNT, 12-27), which totals around $2 billion, seems to be a higher priority than completion of the critical Federal Way to Tacoma portion of Link light rail.

This is even more perplexing when one looks at the mess that is Tacoma’s Link light rail and realizes that downtown Tacoma would have been better served by a mix of electric buses and trolleys running on dedicated transit lanes.

Even worse, Tacoma's Link does not address the critical needs of the handicapped, elderly and others at risk.

Sound Transit’s board should revisit its regional transportation plan and focus on regional priorities first and, when it gets to local transportation, address the needs of everyone, not just the few who will be able to use light rail.