Letters to the Editor

Fircrest: Viafore's service, leadership will be missed

David Viafore, council member and mayor of Fircrest for 24 years, is retiring. His leadership will be missed.

It has been said that of all the qualities of a politician, the most difficult is that of survival in office. Viafore did more than merely survive from one election to the next; he distinguished himself not only by his duration in office, but by the quality of his long service.

The citizens of Fircrest owe Viafore a great debt of gratitude for showing us that the right person doing the right job in the right way has staying power.

Serving in local government is interacting with your neighbors on numerous issues and concerns. Viafore was successful because he made Fircrest residents feel like he was their neighbor. He realized that the impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a good neighbor. Therefore, he treated everyone like they were the folks next door.

Viafore put forth a great amount of his time and energy in serving the City of Fircrest and in making and keeping Fircrest a great place to live. Kudos to Viafore for a job well done!

(Winsley is a former state legislator and member of the Pierce County Council.)