Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Criticism of methanol plant unfounded

Reading the cynicism regarding the proposed methanol plant, I find I need to add to the mix or blow a gasket.

One writer calls us a “chemical colony” if we build the plant. Another writer wants us to consider the inevitable superquake, as if it is something we can control. There are already codes, regulation and insurance recommendations that will go into this project. Earthquake valves for automatic cutoff of gas during a quake are standard installations.

Some folks are concerned about being downwind from stack smoke when the emissions will be almost 100 percent water vapor from cooling towers and boiler gas emissions. Clean air standards will have to be met and will be regulated by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.

All this will come out when the environmental impact statement is issued. In the meantime, let’s not scare the public with unfounded and unproven claims.

The plant has the benefit of reducing the amount of cash we send to China by buying our gas, construction materials and, in the end, our labor and methanol.