Letters to the Editor

Courts: Military better at dispensing justice

The article comparing military to civilian courts was totally off the mark (TNT, 4-2).

The only similarities between the cases were that they involved soldiers and that both victims are dead. The one tried in a civilian court was done with a firearm, was supposedly an accident and the individual who committed the crime seemed to show remorse for their actions. The one tried in military court was an in-your-face stabbing for which the perpetrator showed no remorse.

All that aside, the less-than-14-year sentence given by the civilian court will be even shorter with time off for good behavior.

The writer cited one soldier’s background as a rookie soldier from a poor Chicago background. This is exactly the liberal penchant for making excuses for wrongdoers that is making justice in our country a farce. Justice for the criminals seems to trump justice for victims.

The comparison did make one good point, although that was probably not intended: Our liberal civilian courts need to hold people accountable for their crimes like military courts do.