Letters to the Editor

Kelley: Wrong person dragged through the mud

State Sen. Mark Schoesler is right about one thing: The Troy Kelley trial besmirched the office of state auditor (TNT, 4-27). But it wasn’t Kelley who brought on the trial; it was overzealous, political trophy-hunting federal prosecutors.

Those corrupt attorneys, seeking to advance their careers at the price of denying the citizens of Washington the services of their duly elected state auditor, need to be punished.

So what are Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell - who recommended the appointment of the U.S. Attorney for Western Washington - going to do about this waste of some $10 million in taxpayers’ money? What are they going to do to restore any confidence in the proper administration of justice?

And what is Gov. Jay Inslee going to do now? Maybe apologize for jumping the gun and presuming guilt? I doubt he is a big enough man to do that.

And all those state representatives who were so quick to talk impeachment: Will they now actually spend some time - like the state Senate is - digging into real malfeasance? Inslee has left them with plenty of opportunity.

The wrong person has been dragged through the mud these past months.