Letters to the Editor

Salmon: Native tribes want salmon control

Native tribes are working hard this year to shut down sport fishing in Puget Sound.They claim to be protecting Coho salmon runs. The truth is Coho salmon don’t even enter Puget Sound until the fall of each year. There may be a few swimming around out there but in over fifty years of fishing Puget Sound I’ve never caught one during summer months.

The real reason for stopping sport fishing is so the tribes can have them all once they enter the rivers and streams. This is where the real damage occurs. The tribes set a barrage of nets no fish can swim around, they catch everything both hatchery and wild. As we’ve seen in the past, Native roadside stands selling fresh Coho and Chinook salmon. Native tribes are developing a history of not negotiating in good faith, they want people to think of them good stewards of our land and water but when you really see what is going on you’ll see they should not be regarded as such.