Letters to the Editor

Marijuana: Pierce County pot advisory vote

Re: “Election Day ‘no’ not always the last word” (editorial, 4-28).

Perhaps Pierce County NIMBYs weren’t expecting the advertising changes that came along with the sale of recreational pot. Perhaps there was no realization of how many businesses would spring up to sell it. In the Summit Waller area, the marijuana industry rivals the coffee industry as you traverse down your neighborhood road. In addition there are two active and one upcoming drive-through smoke shops. What does this say to people about the type of people we are? Our beautiful rural neighborhood that I love is blighted with unsightly drug sign-age and it is disgusting to see. Personally I think it makes us look bad as a community - instead of a mixed rural/suburban setting where that is a lovely place to call home it paints a different picture of those who live in the area, and must certainly be lowering the neighborhood property values. I know if we were to make another move, we would think twice about staying in the neighborhood. The voters who made the effort to turn In their ballots did so for a reason. Joyce McDonald certainly understands this.