Letters to the Editor

Homeless: Problem calls for moral response

There is a holy irony that the “crisis” declaration about our homeless population (TNT, 4-30) confronts the community in a photograph of “campers” on the doorstep of the church I attend.

First, across all the months they have used the tiny bit of shelter there, those seeking such sanctuary have been very cooperative in making way for the congregation and others who enter and exit.

There is an unholy irony that just beyond those doors is space where many could sleep in safety at night. But the congregation does not have the resources to make it available.

A third irony is that for more than three years, a small team of concerned persons from the community has met inside the building while trying to establish a safe and secure, though obviously only stop-gap, “tent city” modeled on successful ones in Seattle and other cities. We have met with the appearance of cooperation from the Tacoma City Council, but actual opposition.

The “crisis” must be embraced as a holy opportunity. If I had the power, I would convene a mandatory day-long summit in the building, where all concerned parties could hammer out a solution.