Letters to the Editor

Bag Ban: Process needs less arrogance

I wrote my first letter the the editor in 1979, to the Bloomington Indiana Herald-Telephone, objecting the local grocery chains’ prolific and wasteful use of plastic bags. I support the intentions behind the proposed Tacoma bag ban (TNT, 4/28) and appreciate the volunteer energy behind it.

At the same time, I deplore the arrogant, heavy-handed and exclusive process behind the plan and its proposed implementation. Bringing supporters to the table is easy. Preaching to the choir feels great. Creating dialogue with those who disagree? Not so easy. Participating in thoughtful consideration of objections? It might not feel so good.

We owe thanks to Councilman Conor McCarthy for suggesting that impacted businesses be involved. To this point, questions, objections and suggested obstacles have been dismissed with ridicule and denial that only raise the temperature in the room..

What if we break with current trends and develop a conversation that brings stakeholders together? We’ll never make everyone happy, but perhaps we can craft a workable and sustainable solution.

My husband and I own and operate two retail businesses in downtown Tacoma. We are invested in our community. We’d like to see this work done collaboratively and respectfully.