Letters to the Editor

Dress code: School's mindset shows sexism

A friend of mine recently went to school wearing a romper (shorts that connect to a shirt). On her way to lunch she was stopped by the vice principal who told her she was out of dress code and that what she was wearing was “distracting for boys.”

This student tried to explain that her clothing in fact met dress code criteria, but the staff member would not listen and sent her to the office. Here she was reminded about the dress code and publicly humiliated. She was then sent home and did not return for the rest of the day.

This small incident caused a student to miss three class periods because, according to school staff, her body makes the males at her school unable to focus. This demonstrates to her and the entire school that her learning is not as important as the boys. This mindset is what causes body-image problems in young women and sexism in young people.

I would like to remind everyone that school is a place to learn and develop your own thoughts, not for a teacher to decide what you should wear or what is considered distracting.