Letters to the Editor

Bathrooms: Initiative would single out my child

I’ve spent the past eight months working to undo the damage of misinformation about Washington’s 2006 anti-discrimination law and the transgender community. Concerns raised in Toni Vercillo’s letter (TNT online, 5/23) irresponsibly mislead voters to the real costs of Initiative 1515. This rhetoric has repeatedly proved to be unfounded. Toni’s letter is void of the true costs to real people in our community.

My husband and I are raising our child to be safe, healthy, resilient, compassionate, responsible, and a community leader. Supporters of I-1515 have made it abundantly clear that as a transgender person she is unwelcome in Tacoma and throughout the state. I-1515 allows her to be isolated and singled out under the guise of public safety. Schools will be forced to put her in harm’s way. She will no longer be treated equal under the law. Her ability to grow into a thriving independent citizen will be removed. Housing, employment and community involvement will be threatened. I-1515 gives permission for people to police others and make unqualified judgments regarding who belongs where based on a perception of how a person looks. We’ve lived this story (anyone else remember separate bathrooms defined by race?) and it goes against all progress.