Letters to the Editor

Gig Harbor: City need not be adversarial with citizens

I attended the meeting about proposed zoning changes to several properties in Gig Harbor. The displays and handouts were helpful in understanding what each zoning designation allows and seeing which areas are zoned at what degree of density.

It was informative to hear people speak about this issue. I was not familiar with meeting protocol that applause was not acceptable. I considered it a way to say “ yes I agree with you” to particular speakers. I was happy to comply with the request for “no applause;” however, it was unnecessary to have the participants threatened with a police escort ejecting them if they did not comply. I was very surprised by this adversarial stance.

Please know that the spirit in which the city conducts its meetings directly affects the way people perceive the government of our small town. City leaders have a responsibility to act with civility and understanding to the citizens of Gig Harbor who employ or elect them. I hope the tone and the impact of their words will be more carefully considered the next time behavior needs to be corrected or protocol explained and implemented in a city meeting.