Letters to the Editor

PLU: More secular than bishop lets on

Re: the recent editorial (TNT, 5/3) about Pacific Lutheran University needing to change the mascot and Bishop Richard Jaech’s response (TNT online, 5/18).

I’d say the bishop should spend more time on campus outside the board room and see what’s really happening. I feel that adopting a different name or different mascot would benefit the university given the current secular humanist environment. “Lute” is short for “Lutheran,” but the actual mascot is a knight.

The Office of Admissions offers statistics: 60 percent of students claim Christianity, 17 percent of which are Lutheran. About 10 percent of students on campus actually participate in faith-based activities. The Lutherans don’t even show up to chapel. Chapel break is not honored anymore as professors schedule appointments, coaches schedule workouts, and supervisors schedule students to work during these times.

Perhaps it’s time for PLU to do what the University of Puget Sound did and cut ties with the church and become a secular institution. Faith is very much absent from learning on this campus.