Letters to the Editor

Blight: County must clean up Mountain Highway

It might have been some time since Pierce County Council members have gotten out of the cozy Tacoma arena, but they need to. Along State Route 7 (aka Mountain Highway), the gateway to our wonderful Mt. Rainier, there lie some huge eyesores.

South of the Roy Y, at about 207th Street, is the first of the three. It is a collection of decrepit, rusting mobile homes -- not a trailer park, but a pile of older ones that were for sale and didn’t sell. They’ve been that way for about five years. One tenth of a mile farther, at about 209th Street, is a closed auto recycling yard. It’s been closed since the owner died two years ago. Farther down, at about 245th Street, is another collection of unsold, decrepit mobile homes.

If Piece County can’t do anything, perhaps the state can. Besides ugly eyesores, there are environmental contamination issues here. No manpower? Heck, offer the project to some meth heads and they will strip them of saleable metal in no time.