Letters to the Editor

School: Iconic Stadium High view was ruined

High praise is in order for the Stadium alums who selflessly volunteered their time to restore the glass art heritage of the school. However, the article (TNT, 5/23) brings back a bitter reminder of a particular loss to the school’s, and moreover, the city’s heritage.

Stadium’s stunning visual presence was largely obliterated for the everyday student, alums, tourists, and passerby when the district built the school activities building on the North 1st Street to Stadium Way curve. The most popular, widely used photographic viewing angle of the iconic architectural gem was lost forever by the mindless placement of the new building. Where was the outcry by city officials and historical preservation bureaucrats when that planning blunder was inflicted upon us?

Of course, there is no accountability. Only disgust.

(Ackley is a 1962 graduate of Stadium High School.)