Letters to the Editor

Gig Harbor: Why take comment after action done?

Re: “City should use courtesy, not threats” (TNT letters, 5/31).

I have another idiosyncrasy to add to the one about Gig Harbor prohibiting applause at public hearings. The Gig Harbor City Council has a strange approach to public input at its meetings. Input on a specific agenda item is invited via a sign-up sheet available before the meeting begins. It is only after the item is taken up and acted upon by the council that a citizen discovers the invitation to speak is confined to a place on the agenda designated “public comment.”

The public comment item is always on the agenda following the council business matters. Public input is thus relegated to occur only “after the fact,” i.e., after the council has acted on the item of interest. That certainly is one way to make sure public input doesn’t influence the council’s decision.