Letters to the Editor

University Place: Explore creative parks funding

I cannot imagine why anyone would want to live in a community without a parks and recreation department, but I can understand why the majority of residents in University Place voted against a measure that would have raised our taxes and created a new level of bureaucracy.

If Friends of KPLU could raise $7 million in five months (TNT, 5/27), it seems that the core group supporting a UP parks-and-rec tax ought to get behind some type of private funding movement, or even launch a Go-Fund-Me campaign, to keep these important programs alive. I think most people are willing to contribute to causes they feel are appropriate and important, as long as they are allowed to determine the amount of that donation.

Because PLU and KPLU are private entities, they may be able to run funding campaigns that would be inappropriate for a municipality. I am sure some lawyer will let us know what is not allowed. In the meantime, we need to start brainstorming non-traditional methods of paying for city services that enrich our community.