Letters to the Editor

Transit: Faster timeline for Tacoma light rail unpersuasive

Re: “Sound Transit sees way to speed up light rail in Tacoma,” (TNT, 5/27).

So CEO Peter Rogoff found an extra $4 billion to build several Sound Transit 3 projects sooner. That means 24 years for light rail from Federal Way to Tacoma instead of 26. He is right that at every public-input process the timeline was a major concern of constituents. But there were also complaints about new sales taxes, property taxes, parking fees and motor vehicle excise taxes that are going to be asked of citizens.

There also is the track record of Sound Transit in Pierce County, which has been less than stellar. The new station at Freighthouse Square in Tacoma is still in limbo, and so is the parking structure planned for Puyallup.

I’m sure Sound Transit Board members like Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy will find this to be a positive movement, but I find it incredible and question even more the necessity of such an undertaking at all.