Letters to the Editor

Election: National presidential primary could work

According to the latest Gallup Poll, 25 percent of Americans identify themselves Republican, 31 percent Democrat and 44 percent Independent. This means the majority of voters don’t care to get involved in voting in the presidential primaries because they don’t want to declare a party affiliation. It also means the majority of Americans don’t have a say in who’s running for the top political position in our country.

Isn’t it time that the U.S. changes the way we pick our presidents? Instead of having this crazy quilt of Republicans and Democrats from each state deciding delegates to their party’s convention, why not have a national primary in August in which the “top two” will then be chosen to run for president? The top two vote getters would then compete in November, whether they are from each of the major parties, from neither of the major parties, or both from the same party. And if one happens to get more than 50 percent in the primary, that person is our new president.