Letters to the Editor

Election: Libertarians field best ticket

Donald Trump is all but certain to win the Republican nomination with zero political experience. Hillary Clinton, whose biggest claim to fame is being the wife of a former president, is likely to win the Democratic nomination, unless she’s unseated (as seems possible, if improbable) by a 74-year-old avowed socialist who joined the party last year after spending virtually his entire political career as an Independent.

Could the 2016 presidential election get any nuttier? Well, yes.

The Libertarians nominated Gary Johnson, a two-term former governor of New Mexico, re-elected in a runaway, as their candidate for president. His running mate is William Weld, a two-term former governor of Massachusetts, re-elected by the widest margin ever for a governor in that state.

The Libertarians thus field a ticket with far and away the most executive experience politically and really the most qualified ticket of all. That’s pretty wacky.