Letters to the Editor

Senate: O'Ban doesn't stand with women

The unbridled misogyny we’ve seen from Donald Trump this election cycle has exposed an ugly truth about anti-choice politicians at every level: They don’t just want to restrict women’s right to control when and whether they have children; they’re actively anti-woman, with attitudes toward women’s rights that were out of date in the last century and have no place in this one.

University Place state Sen. Steve O’Ban is one of the most outspoken opponents of women’s reproductive freedom in the Senate. This year, as vice chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, he helped push through a bill that would have banned so-called “sex-selective” abortions, legislation that was based on the racist assumption that Asian American families disproportionately abort female fetuses.

In this pivotal election year, we need a legislator who will stand with women, not stand in our way. We need to expand the Senate’s slim pro-choice majority, not reelect leaders from the Trump Party who actively oppose women’s reproductive freedom and economic equality.