Letters to the Editor

Election: Anti-Trump crusade leaves few options

Re: “Trump lets us in on his generosity and his spite,” (TNT, 6/1).

Columnist Margaret Carlson calls us all to vet Trump by watching his latest press conference, saying, “Those who believe Trump is stable enough to be president should watch it.” Whom shall we measure him against, The press? Past presidents? Venal politicians now wringing their hands in fear of him? What’s there to fear?

Honesty for one thing. Trump is running against more than just one opponent. He’s running against a culture of powerful people who lie when simple truth would do. Witness his comment calling a reporter “a sleaze.” “You know the facts; you’re a sleaze.” Watch it on YouTube, then turn to the opinion page of the TNT and see how he’s quoted there, where his reference to that reporter’s accountability is deliberately omitted.

What should he do? What are his alternatives? What are ours?