Letters to the Editor

Trump: Bad ratings won't cancel his show

In the past, it seemed most political candidates were high-minded, sincerely hoping to improve the common condition. If they had even the slightest intentions to achieve power and wealth, it was carefully hidden behind a promise that better times were coming if the candidate in question were elected.

But the times, they are a changin'. Suddenly we have Donald Trump, an entertainer whose utmost concern is ratings. Keep your ratings high and the network/cable station will put you on the air for another season.

Picture a president who comes to us, with a four-year contract, who believes ratings are more important than addressing the problems of poverty, racism, gender inequality, the decline of women’s reproductive rights, a troubled economy, terrorism and global warming. And when he is reminded of his shortcomings, he goes into an incoherent rage.

It would not be surprising that a few weeks into his presidency, his audience would turn away and his ratings drop. In the entertainment world, his program would be replaced, no damage done. Whereas, replacing a president is not so easy and the damage done may be beyond repair.