Letters to the Editor

Trump: Candidate demeans veterans' service

Veterans: Let’s talk honestly about Donald Trump. Reflect for a moment, if you will, on your own service. Signing up, going through boot camp, serving active duty, maybe being deployed.

Now think about John McCain. Trump said, “He is a hero because he was captured; I prefer people who weren’t captured.” Now picture Trump in a cage for five years or hanging by his broken arms. How long would he last? Or Google, if you will, Trump’s remarks to Howard Stern, saying that the prep school his parents sent him to provided him with more military training than a lot of guys in the military. Or, how about this one: “I felt like a great and very brave soldier by avoiding gonorrhea. It was my personal Vietnam.”

Please, let’s not allow this man to marginalize our service or that of our loved ones who may have paid the ultimate price. Think about your service to your country. Think about your loved ones’ service. Think about Donald Trump.