Letters to the Editor

Water lawsuit: Plaintiffs want the best for South Sound

Re: “Port of Tacoma, business groups sue to stop water initiatives,” (TNT, 6/6).

I know how hard of a decision it was for the Economic Development Board of Tacoma - Pierce County, the Tacoma Pierce Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Tacoma to develop a lawsuit to stop Initiatives 5 and 6. The people representing these organizations are not mega-rich elitists; they are hard-working local people with a passion for the South Sound’s success. The last thing they want to do is alienate the public further after the methanol plant controversy, but these ballot measures set a dangerous precedent against their ability to attract real industry that provides real jobs.

I have worked on projects with many of the people everyone is currently vilifying. That includes the clean water initiative (www.waterworkshere.org), which aims to develop an ecosystem attractive to clean water corporations by leveraging the experience gained from the Foss Waterway Superfund cleanup. I saw their passion first hand. But no one cared or got behind them.

Instead of expending so much energy on stifling the city’s ability to attract large corporations to the area, critics should devote their passions to helping that program? That would be a win, win in my book.