Letters to the Editor

Water: Citizens being sued for no good reason

Re: “Port of Tacoma, business groups sue to stop ballot measures on water,” (TNT, 6/7).

It is a sad day for democracy when citizens are sued for wanting to protect their water from reckless elected representatives. Tacoma Port commissioners and Tacoma Public Utilities were going to allow the world’s largest methanol refinery to take up to 15 million gallons of water a day from the Green River, a small river that supplies numerous communities .

That decision was reckless and negligent, and it was a wake-up call.

Save Tacoma Water is a small group of citizens that want only one thing: to have a voice. When the health, economic and environmental securities of entire communities are at risk because of reckless decision-makers such as our port commissioners, governor and mayor, the people must take a stand.

Save Tacoma Water is not against jobs or growth or industries, contrary to the plaintiffs’ chants. The group is made up of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers wanting to protect water for all communities. State water laws are outdated and do not apply today -- not with the global water crisis touching all lives, man and beast alike.

Water is running out of time. If our state representatives do not protect our water supplies, the people must.

(Donna Walters is treasurer of Save Tacoma Water.)