Letters to the Editor

Trump: Don't be fooled by the parade he leads

Picture the hoards of Republicans, frantically and loudly running down Main Street USA after a fleeing Donald J. Trump. Some are seeking to scalp him, motivated both by aesthetic concerns and revenge. The remainder is trying to capture him in order to apply a politically acceptable shade of lipstick upon the lips of the porcine presumptive Republican nominee.

News accounts and videos abound. In spite of the clear motivations of the pursuing Republicans, the nominee accuses the dishonest and sleazy news media of slanted reporting. Rescued by the Secret Service and safely ensconced high within Trump Tower, The Donald immediately tweets for all to understand that the ruckus was actually a celebratory parade in honor of his success, wealth and greatness. He was leading the parade! He certainly was not, as disgracefully reported by the low-life press, being hounded by ethical or concerned Republicans, desperately trying to mitigate the monumental damage he has long imposed upon their beloved party.

No, says The Donald, it was actually a love fest, an amazing, beautiful and terrific thing.

The above is hardly more outrageous that the totality of Trump’s campaign. He is an unabashed, manipulative and fraudulent marketer. Buyer Beware!