Letters to the Editor

Street safety: Bicyclists, drivers both have responsibility

Re: “Bicyclists bonded as ‘Chain Gang’ before crash that killed 5,” (TNT, 6/8).

In the wake of the tragedy that took the lives of five cyclists and injured 4 others in Michigan, drivers and bicyclists should be reminded of the importance of coexisting peacefully on roads. While the occasional bicyclist may not obey traffic laws, that doesn’t mean all bicyclists are scofflaws. It is probably more common to find a driver speeding or failing to yield, and the consequences of these actions can be much more severe.

Drivers: Please remember that bikes are much more vulnerable than cars and in any collision between the two, the bike will lose. If you are feeling irritated, imagine that a bicyclist is a family member or friend. Would you honk and shout obscenities at them as you pass with less than three feet of space?

Bicyclists: Please remember to respect the law at all times, ride predictably, and be mindful of the motorist’s point of view. Don’t react to a driver’s angry behavior. Good cyclist behavior will help build goodwill with drivers.

Love them or hate them, bicyclists have a right to the road. Drivers need to make peace with this, for everyone’s safety.