Letters to the Editor

Diversity: Straight white males excluded from TNT

The News Tribune wasted no time instituting its new regime of re-education. Following Karen Peterson’s manifesto on diversity (6/12 editor’s column), we were treated the very next day to a new paradigm of journalism. First, interviewees are identified by sexual preferences. Second, we learn from a reader-columnist that male police officers are clueless and harmful to women. Third, we are reminded by an op-ed that those opposing the transgender agenda are dangerous and harmful to the state’s education funding. (I know the last two were not written by the Tribune, but a TNT editor decided on their inclusion.)

This on top of the Tribune’s annual presentation of local high school graduates by quota (TNT All-Star Graduates, 6/12), and columnist Matt Driscoll’s regular litany of why he is ashamed to be a white man. Thanks, TNT, for making clear that I as a straight white Catholic male had better keep my mouth shut and my head down. What’s next? Publishing addresses of dissenters so that the mobs can make a house call?

Why not just change your name to the Tacoma Stranger so that your self-loathing biases are absolutely clear. Or is honesty also a proscribed quality these days?